Canada Research Groups


First, the Canada Research Group brings to the table research initiatives on international trade and human rights that are most relevant to Canadians, highlighting and exploring more deeply important practice and research issues of the day. More importantly, the Team will also initiate related research directions on emerging topics that will help inform the Canadian research and policy agenda related to trade and human rights. Second, the Team will distill the topical research conducted by the International Trade, Human Rights and Cross-cultural Dispute Resolution research groups into frameworks that would be applicable for comparative analysis and rendered into lessons from which Canadians to learn. Finally, as is the case for all the country-based teams, the collaborators of the Canada Team will act as the primary supervisors for graduate student researchers attached to the program, providing an important link between research, teaching and training.

The UBC Law Faculty enjoys a leading reputation in dispute resolution cross-cultural studies and Asian law. UBC's Institute of Asian Research (IAR) is widely recognized as the leading research facility of its kind in Canada. IAR associates have extensive networks across the Asia Pacific region, including important links to trade and human rights organizations. As a Professor in the Faculty of Law and Director of IAR, Principal Investigator Pitman B. Potter coordinates activities between these units. Dr. Potter is an internationally recognized expert on China, with particular experience in human rights and international trade dispute resolution. He has over fifteen years of personal and professional relationships with the core collaborators in Australia (Melbourne University) and China (including Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences). UBC Law Faculty's Asian Legal Studies Program has close ties with counterparts in Japan, thus providing a strong foundation for collaboration with Waseda University, a leader in research on dispute resolution in Japan. The UBC Law Faculty's dispute resolution program has built strong academic links with Willamette and Pepperdine universities, two leading US centres for dispute resolution research. Professor Michelle LeBaron oversees UBC Law Faculty's dispute resolution program, bringing over twenty years of experience in cross-cultural dispute resolution research and programming to the team.

The Canada Country Team is chaired by Lesley Jacobs (York University) and is supported by these lead research collaborators: Michelle LeBaron, Janis Sarra, Bruce Miller, Bill Black and Philip Bryden.


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