China Research Groups


Providing local context and expertise for China-based and China-focused elements of the research, this Team fulfills important roles similar to that of both the other country teams: For example, they provide key leaders in identifying and refining the practice issues most important and relevant to China's trade, social rights protection and human rights research agenda, with the view to structuring the detailed research questions and analyses that will reveal important lessons and implications for policy strategies. And, as is the case for the other country teams, the collaborators of the China Team act as the primary supervisors for graduate student researchers attached to the program, providing an important link between research, teaching and training.

The Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS) Law Institute is a leading policy research institute in China on issues of trade and social rights protection and enjoys close ties to the Shanghai municipal government. The team leader is Dr. Gu Xiaorong, Director of the Law Institute. SASS will take particular responsibility for the China research activities, with support available as need from other Shanghai institutions such as the East China University of Politics and Law. The WTO Training and Consultation Centre in Shanghai is also an important agent int his partnership.

Supporting the chair, Prof. Gu Xiaorong are SASS collaborators; Lin Yinmao, He Weidong, Yang Pengfei, Wang Shuliang, Tang Xiaobo and Hou Fang. Chinese legal scholar Prof. Sarah Biddulph from the University of Melbourne is also an important partner in this team. Piitman Potter, Timothy Cheek, Mu Zili, Zhu Suli and Diana Lary round up this group.


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