Japan Research Groups


In light of the importance of local cultural norms in conducting research on attitudes and practices in Japan, local researchers are essential to the success of the research project. Dr. Yoshitaka Wada, Professor of Legal Sociology at Waseda University, directs research in dispute resolution projects in Japan and in connection with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). A leading scholar in international and comparative dispute resolution, Dr. Wada is an essential participant in the project and leads the Japan country team. Participation by Waseda University will also facilitate access by project scholars to other Japan-based trade and human rights dispute resolution specialists for spin-off research projects, so as to expand the project network.

Legal studies and legal training in Japan is currently undergoing significant changes. This is partly due to domestic social, economic and political changes and partly as a reflection of further interaction, or perhaps of Japan's increased internationalization. The Japan Country Team will play an important role in following, anlaysing and in some respects, even leading some of these changes. The Team is particularly well-positioned to inform the research of this program; Professor Hiroo Sono is an expert on Japan and the international trade system while Professor Takao Tanase, a member of this program's Advisory Board, is a leading expert on the sociology of law and would be most helpful in providing comparative analysis in many levels.

Collaborating with the Japan Country Team Chair, Professor Yoshitaka Wada, are other Japanese scholars, including Hiroo Sono, Akira Fujimoto, and Yusunobu Sato. Other collaborators include Julian Dierkes, Masao Nakamura, Pitman Potter, Malcolm Smith, Pitman Potter and Maomi Iwase.


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