Human Rights and Social Rights Protection


A key framework for analysis used in this research is the use a comparative approach, identifying what are the written policies and rules as opposed to what are the normative practices in the resolution of any given kind of dispute. How close are the normative practices in relation to the stated rules? Answers to this question will vary, not only between the international trade and human rights arenas but also within each of their own different practice issues and across the different countries. The Human Rights Research Group will specifically study and analyse the areas of (a) discrimination, (b) employment, (c) housing, (d) health, (e) environment and (f) immigration / migration. Clearly, these issues are in many ways intricately linked so a closer study of each of them in their own rights will hopefully yield an even deeper understanding of how they are tied to one another. The table below lists some of the norms and practice topics that we will study.


Practice Area
Immigration / Migration
(Selected) Normative Issues
  • Equality
  • Privilege
  • Remedies
  • Disabilities
  • Equity / Fair Wages
  • Right to work
  • Working Conditions
  • Human Needs
  • Right to Shelter
  • Human Needs
  • Rights to basic health care
  • Responsibility for health services
  • Environmental Protection
  • Environmental Safety & Health
  • Rights to mobility
  • Refugee rights


The Human Rights Research Group is chaired by Sarah Biddulph and comprises of these lead researchers: Bill Black, Bruce Miller, Philip Bryden, Tim Lindsey and Hiroo Sono.


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