The APDR program has a policy-oriented research agenda. While the original research plan forms a foundation for ensuring policy- relevance, our dispute resolution practitioner-partners who are integrated into the program from inception will also strengthen the usefulness of the research. Our Academic Partners bring area expertise as well as disciplinary diversity. Professional Organizations such as the China International and Economic Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC) are represented by co-investigators who are active in the program. An arms length Advisory Board to the APDR program is comprised of prominent practitioners of trade law; human rights mediators and researchers; and an eminent scholar on the sociology of law. A member of the Supreme Court of Canada representing the judiciary and an ambassador of Canada representing the international diplomatic community complete our Advisory Board. Links to all our partners can be found here. For further information on the research funding community and public policy community involved in dispute resolution research or general information related to trade, human rights and development, follow the links in this menu.


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